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Our Cabinetry

We offer cabinetry in both European Frameless and Framed constructions.

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European Frameless

European Frameless cabinetry is exactly that!

Frameless means there are no face-frames on the front of the boxes, giving you maximum storage space and easier access to the items stored inside. It also requires maximum attention to detail when being installed. One-eighth inch reveals are the standard between doors and drawer fronts. Unlike framed cabinetry, this remains true when placing cabinets side-by-side, so alignment is critical. When you desire a sleek and contemporary look, this option is the way to go! It also complements more traditional door styles, making it a versatile choice.

Framed Cabinetry

Our framed cabinetry is available in overlay or inset options.

Overlay is offered in both partial (or “standard”) and full (or “frameless”). Partial overlay doors are smaller usually leaving one-inch of face-frame visible around the doors and drawer fronts and two-inches of face-frame visible when cabinets are side by side. Full overlay doors are larger usually leaving a quarter-inch visible around the doors and drawer fronts, and a half-inch when cabinets are side by side.


Inset is offered in both beaded or non-beaded. Inset doors sit flush with or inside the face-frame. Beaded inset has a bead routed into the openings of the face-frame for an added detail.


Overlay and inset cabinets may be combined, and rails may be modified or omitted to accommodate the design aesthetic you want for your project.

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The Cabinet Boxes are made from furniture board or plywood. Furniture board looks like particle board, but does not expand when wet like RTA (ready to assemble) furniture, in fact, it expands LESS than plywood when exposed to water.


Materials, thicknesses, and assembly style (doweled and glued, dado, or easy access) vary from collection to collection. Interiors are typically a melamine coating, always making our cabinetry easy to wipe out and keep clean, or match the exterior of the box. Shelves are adjustable and match the cabinet interior.

Cabinet Drawers & 
Interior Cabinet Hardware

The Cabinet Drawers & Hardware: Most drawers are made from solid wood; some collections offer options of different wood species for cabinet interiors and drawers. All wood drawer boxes are standard 4-corner dovetail construction. Some collections offer a white metal drawer box, some also offer Blum Legra drawer boxes both soft close or Tip-On Blumotion. All drawers have undermount, full-extension, soft-close glides. The glides offer adjustment options to be sure the alignment is just right. All hinges are 6-way adjustable and soft-close.

The Finishes

Finishes include European and United States laminates, two-part Italian polyurethane, and baked-on catalyzed conversion varnishes that can last for decades without the need for re-painting. There are hundreds of color options to ensure the perfect shade for any design aesthetic.


These products are designed and engineered to remain stable and function properly over time. With over 100 door styles, 17 wood species/materials to comprise doors, along with hundreds of finish options, your choices at The Kitchen Studio are as plentiful as they are beautiful.


The Kitchen Studio does not have in-house installers. We do have some amazing connections and partnerships with some great installers and would be happy to share them with you for your project. You may also have a connection, and we are happy to answer any questions the installer may have about your design. We are also happy to include certain materials they may prefer to use during the installation if they would like to meet before we place your order.


First and foremost, installation is very important. No certifications are required to install any of our collections of cabinetry, just lots of experience getting it right! Incorrect installation can cause drawers to bind, doors to not align and the like. Incorrect installation can also potentially void your warranty.

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